Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents are unforeseen sudden events that can disrupt your life and income due to disability, hospital bills, bed rest or even never being able to resume your daily chores. Thus accident can make you incapable of continuing with your normal life and duties that are your sources of income. This is why it’s important to have personal accident insurance. The definition of an accident is any violent, external bodily injury. This may be caused by an object, another person, or self-involving at home when you may fall or injure yourself while working, road accident.

Accident insurance is a cover that offers you financial compensation for medical expenses incurred, disability claims or death caused by an accident. This cover also protects you against loss of income that you may suffer during recovery period following an accident. This is by weekly benefits given within the personal accident cover where the number of weeks you have not been productive before you fully recover are compensated.

Individual or Family Accident insurance has cover for Death, Permanent Disability, Temporary disability (weekly benefits), Medical Expenses incurred as a result of the accident and Funeral expenses.

The Personal Accident (PA) cover is paid annually and renewable at the end of every calendar year. In most cases the premium will be constant every year as long as the limit chosen does not change.

It is important to note Personal Accident-PA cover does not replace your medical insurance cover. The medical expenses covered under this class of insurance are specifically expenses related to accidental injury. These expenses are paid mostly on refund basis where one has to surrender the receipts from the medical facility where one received the emergency treatment. This means bills already paid by the medical insurance cover or any other cover will not be refunded.


The Cost of getting Personal Accident insurance is as low as Kshs 300. The option of cover limit varies from as low as Kshs 100,000/=, one hundred thousand to as high as a limit of Kshs 20,000,000/= twenty million.

In Motor Insurance it’s important to note in the case of an accident the driver, the owner of the vehicle and immediate family members are not covered by the insurance as they are not third parties. That’s why it’s very important to have a personal accident cover for your family alongside your Motor Insurance policy.

This Family Personal accident cover is different from the Student attachment personal accident insurance as the risk and purpose is different.

When am I covered under Personal Accident Insurance?

This cover is 24hrs, it’s worldwide and offers an extension of injuries out of riots and strike as long as one was not actively participating in the riot.

Do I qualify to take a personal accident cover?

Personal accident cover can be taken by any person between the ages of 18 to 65 years. Children below 18 years can only be covered under their parents or guardians.

One has to be a resident of Kenya.

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