Pension and Retirement

Pension and Retirement

Pension Plan/Retirement Plan & Annuity Plan

Pension is a fund into which a sum of money is added in monthly contribution to a registered scheme with Retirement Benefits Authority, RBA, during your active work life to cater for your income during retirement period. . Either employed or in business it’s important to plan for your pension.

We have noticed that most people when they switch from one employer to the other, or even quit employment to pursue business, they forget to consolidate their pension fund. By the time one attains retirement age, you end up getting challenges going to trace where your previous employers pension schemes were transferred to or even forget you had a pension fund. Thus it’s very important to consolidate all your pension to an Individual Pension Plan immediately you change employers or quit employment. This will enable you to monitor how your pension fund grows.

In the case, you are paid a lump sum as your pension, and you have already attained the retirement age, we can help you get an annuity plan which pays you a monthly salary either for a specified period or whole life. This Lump sum amount you can also invest some of it in avenues like Money Market Fund, where you will be getting consistent growth of your money through monthly interests.


The average interest return on the pension in Kenya is around 10% while the minimum guaranteed interest return or growth of your fund is 4%.

Why is it important to have an individual pension plan?

  • Flexibility in that you can increase or vary the amount of contributions at will.
  • You will be receiving annual statement to show how your retirement fund is growing.
  • You can switch the fund from one scheme to another depending on preferences and performance.
  • You can secure mortgage of up to 40% of your pension value with a maximum upper limit of 7 million. This gazettement was made vide Legal Notice 192 dated 14th September 2020 after approval by parliament.
  • Your pension fund is safe as long as you join a pension scheme regulated by the RBA.
  • You can access your retirement tax benefit from an age of 50 years which will attract tax according to the current law and from age 65 yrs its tax free.

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