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Home Insurance / Domestic Package / House Contents Insurance

A house or its contents are a big investment that costs a fortune. Whether a family home or a rental house, the value used to construct or buy the property cannot be overlooked. Thus it is very important to secure this investment by taking a home insurance cover. Apart from the building, domestic package insurance extends to insure the contents in the house, domestic servants and other third-party liabilities or risks you are exposed to within your house.

Risks covered in home insurance / domestic package;

  • Fire
  • Explosion by domestic gas
  • Impact by animals and aerial devices
  • Damage by Flooding or escape of water from storage tanks
  • Malicious damage
  • Theft (burglary)
  • Accidental damage
  • Riots, strikes and civil commotion

Property and items covered under Domestic package insurance

  • Buildings including garage, perimeter wall, servant quarters
  • General house contents including furniture, kitchenware, decorations, clothing, beddings, TV’s, Computers, CCTV Installations, Home theaters and sound bars.
  • Movable items like jewelry, handbags, phones, iPads, cameras, laptops etc
  • WIBA for domestic servants
  • Legal liabilities associated with either the ownership or occupation of the premises

Extensions on Home insurance Policy

This insurance policy extends to cover the below;

  • Cost of demolition and debris removal in case of a fire claim
  • Rent receivable for rental properties
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Political risks and terrorism (covered at an extra cost)

What is the cost of insuring my house?

House insurance is among the cheapest insurance covers that you can get from the market today. The rate is as low as 1% of the value of contents, for building as low as 0.12% of the value of the building, earthquake extension 0.025%.

Why risk your hard-earned investments while taking a home insurance cover is VERY affordable?

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