Money Market Fund in Kenya is the perfect low-risk investment for investors.

For short-term debt securities with high credit value like the treasury bills, fixed deposits and commercial paper this is an investment to consider. The fund is regulated by the Capital Market Authority, (CMA) in Kenya.

In such times of market unpredictability due to pandemic like Covid-19, most people and businesses have chosen this as a safe haven to hold their money while it continues to yield interest.

Investing in Kenya at low-risk with as little as Kshs 5,000 and regular top ups from as low as Kshs 1,000 is now a good move using Unit trusts. Earnest Insurance Agency and Consultancy has been helping individuals, chamas, churches, saccos, corporate, schools and even joint members get competitive rates for Money Market Fund in Kenya. We have been unlocking low-risk investments for our customer’s mainly in Kenya but also Kenyans as far as Dubai, Afghanistan, Kuwait, USA to Australia.

When thinking of investing in Kenya yet unsure of how and where to invest your money, money market funds is a good place you can keep your cash and get a return paid as interest which is much better than Bank Fixed deposits. Remember Money Market Fund does not fix your money. You can access it and interest earnest within short notice.

Money Market Fund Key Features

Money Market Fund Key Features

Money Market Fund Key Features
 Risk Profile  Low
 Minimum Investment  Ksh 5,000.00
 Minimum Additional investment  Ksh 1,000.00
 Fee  No entry or exit fee
 Interest rates  Competitive rates, based on the market
 Statements  Monthly statements on email
 Liquidity  2-3 days you receive your funds upon request
 Flexibility  Top up via Mpesa or Bank transfer

Returns on this fund is credited to your account monthly. This interest comes from carefully and competitively negotiated  investments that the fund managers closes.

This enables us to give you the best rates possible in the market.

The interest made is reinvest in to the fund so as to maximize return on your investment through compounded growth. We do this for a period of at least 1 year.

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    When you compare Money Market to Equity Fund and Balanced fund that invest in Shares and Bonds, Money Market Fund gives more flexible investment and lower risk returns. The investment mainly comes from Government Treasury bills, Bank Fixed deposits, a small percentage in highly credit worth short-term investments which are all money market instruments that offer a return paid as interest.

    The Capital Market Authority, CMA, regulates the Fund Managers, Trustees and Custodians of the money market fund. 

    Money Market Fund, low-risk investment in Kenya on things like treasury bills, fixed deposits and other form of Unit trusts
    Money Market Fund are low-risk investment in Kenya on things like treasury bills, fixed deposits and other form of Unit trusts

    Earnest Insurance Agency and Consultancy in partnership with these fund managers searches for the most competitive investment for you, with interest that is earned daily, compounded to your Money Market account at the end of every month and a statement sent to your email.

    Looking for an avenue grow your savings? Invest in Money Market fund today and let your savings earn a good interest rate.

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