Earnest Insurance Agency and Consultancy was initiated by the urge to provide One Stop Insurance Services, Products and Risk management services guided by Sincerity, Integrity, Diligence and On-time responses to clients’ needs.

Our company’s name Earnest is derived from its meaning “Purposefully or showing Sincere intent.”

Our Slogan “Your Smart guide in Insurance” is one of the bedrock foundations of our company. .

All the above help to cultivate a culture of our core values all geared to ensure we put our Clients Needs first, by striving to secure the very best of Insurance Products and Services from the Insurance Industry as a whole.

In addition the above informs and guides our Employees on all the aspects of our business practices. This does not only ensure the smooth running and overall success of the business but also aids our employees achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

To be a Supreme and most Reliable One Stop market Leader in offering Quality, Professional, and round the clock Insurance solutions.

Our Mission

Embracing Integrity, Research and Technology to ensure real-time and reliable solutions to all your insurance needs and value for your money.

Core Values

Our business practices are based on our Core Values that ensure we engage and satisfactory provide the best of Insurance Services and Products.

These values are entrenched on;

  • Integrity
  • Diligence
  • Client enlightenment
  • Research

“We help businesses and individuals grow and live a life free of risk and worries, our promise!”

Our Services

Our services are simply geared to ensure that we source for you the very best of the products offered in the Insurance industry.


Having worked in the insurance industry for nearly 8 years we are experts in what we do. This enables us to give professional advice to our existing and potential clients who need our products or services.

Risk Management

At Earnest Insurance Agency and Consultancy, we help you identifying potential risks in advance, analyzing them and taking precautionary steps to curb them e.g. through Insuring. We also help you in prioritizing your risks. This is simply to ensure that uncertainty does not sidetrack your endeavor from your personal or business goals.